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Dog training

Individual and group training courses
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Dog Trainig, Obedience, Guarding, Attacks

Dog Trainig, Obedience, Guarding, Attacks

Back in 1978, I approached training of dogs for work, obedience and guarding with a group of friends, all dog lovers.

The experience allowed me to adopt a teaching method based on the language of dogs. It does not matter the breed, the important thing is to communicate to the dog in a way that is understandable to it. Mainly, reproach it or reward it at the right time, understanding if and where we are wrong in communicating with the dog.

Training a dog means to be in tune with its thought, thinking and reasoning like it, acting in the same instinctively way as the animal.

Training is the only way to communicate with the dog, speaking the same language, being understood and undestanding by its attitude, mood, anxiety and affection.

Training should therefore not be seen as circus training, where our friend holds its paw or acts in certain ways to get something.

Training means creating harmony between you and your dog.

Training means speaking the same language.

Training means communicating, speaking, acting and thinking in the same way.

Training is the only way to be closer to our four-legged friends and finally understand their language.

Training is having a sincere friend by our side, a friend that will never betray us, willing to do anything in exchange of a caress or little attention.

With our method, with no trauma, your friend will learn with joy this new way of communicating, finally in a language that is understandable to it.

Training can be done at home (only for the Province of Grosseto and Siena) to avoid sudden separation from the family environment, and the same time you can directly attend the education of your four-legged friend, learning with it.

By eliminatin costs of boarding and nourishment, you will have a trained dog with a modest sum.

The sessions are 60 minutes
16+ Age
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    Dog training
    Parking area
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    5 Star Accommodation
    Underfloor heating
    Air Conditioning


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